"When a producer asks me to work on a show, I suggest hiring Production Core in the very first conversation. I know, without a doubt, that James and his team will execute the production elements with efficiency, professionalism and precision. I also know that the Production Core will be there, hands on, from start to finish and that they will adeptly navigate any and all challenges. Working with Production Core means having a partner in creating the best possible show."
Adam Fitzgerald
Director/General Manager

"I've worked with James Cleveland and Production Core for three years and, honestly, he's without fail my first hire on any show I produce. Big picture, his dedication to putting the best possible show on stage within the budget is admirable and unparalleled. But it's the little things that really keep me coming back - from receipt-tracking, to hiring, to pretty (and helpful!) spreadsheets, Production Core is full service. Plus - he and his team are actually nice to work with! He's my secret weapon, and he'll be yours too."
Renee Blinkwolt
Producing Director - Playwrights Realm

"I have been working with James Cleveland for almost 4 years now (with Production Core for the past year) and consider them to be one of THE best Off-Broadway management companies in NYC. Their team is very successful at handling a variety of shows ranging from the smallest of budgets with little crew and inexperienced groups to very large budgets and a team who is used to Broadway or touring concert conditions. Production Core's dedication, resources and stamina will ensure your show will be handled in the best way possible."
Joe Watson
General Manager - Frankel Green Theatrical Management

"James Cleveland and Production Core have been my lifesaver on more than one occasion. His company and staff have always come through under the most impossible of conditions with aplomb. His knowledge of the Off-Broadway industry and the tech needs for the community is unsurpassed. I always feel confident when I know Production Core is on the job and you will too."
Tom Smedes

"We have worked with James Cleveland and Production Core on several projects and have been overwhelmed by the dedication, skill, and talent that is demonstrated by them . The "grace under fire" that James and his team exhibit are a true asset to any producer as we navigate the water of mounting our productions. It is comforting to know that Production Core is part of our team."
Michael Page
Managing Director, Barrow Street Theatre

"I have been a Stage Manager in New York for over 10 years now, and I have never had a better and smoother experience on a show than when its production needs are being tended to by Production Core. Normally as a Stage Manager for Off Broadway productions I spend a lot of my time outside of rehearsal making sure the design and production needs are being executed. PC's ability to guide and manage shows (from budgeting to staffing, building, running, and striking) allows me to focus on the needs of the acting company and the rehearsal process. Production Core is simply a theatrical production's best friend."
Kat West
Stage Manager AEA, AGMA

"I've placed many shows in the hands of Production Core and all have been very well served. James Cleveland and his team demonstrate an exemplary degree of expertise and professionalism. Given the never-ending daily challenges of producing and managing theatre, knowing I have Production Core on the job is a great comfort!"
Jamie Cesa
Producer & General Manager