Join Production Core's Team


ProductionCore is always expanding its list of go to crew and heads. We like to keep our people working as much as possible; at any given time we have 8-15 shows in some stage of production. We interview all TDs and/or crew heads so we are familiar with each other and working styles before we are in the heat of load in.

TDs, MEs and Crew Heads: if you are interested in working with ProductionCore submit your resume and a casual cover letter to give us some background on yourself, your working style and your experience.

Crew: send in resume.

Production Management

ProductionCore PMs and assistant applicants must have a specific desire to be in production management and an interest in learning the ProCore methodology. We believe in creating a smooth and trusting working environment while still enjoying the fact that we spend our time helping to create theatre.

If this sounds like you, send a cover letter and resume to detailing your past experience, recent PM experience and how you came to be involved in and enjoy production management. If this sounds like it might be you but you are not sure, an internship or Production Assistant gig is the way to find out.